Almost two years ago I decided to create this page. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to write about later, the “motivation” appeared or rather, the reason why I started posting. A new stage after a wounded, broken heart, a new life at thousands and thousands of kilometers away, how I met my husband and became a wife, mother, artist life (always happy, never sad 😊) places visited, favorite food and why not a day in my life. I don’t know why, but I think most of those who started writing did it because of a love lost in time…

With the page, I started to grow, to rediscover myself, to meet new people who shared the same ideas with me.

I will make a parenthesis saying that I have always liked to learn and create. For me, this means happiness. It’s something I always find time for and when I create, I completely enter that universe. When it comes to painting, I’m at home. With the soul. With the body. Me and the colors. I am incredibly happy to share this “world” with my baby Arya. And we like to create together. It’s magic! And Dad supports us and shares his smiles whenever we create something.

Yes, I’ve always liked to create, especially to paint, but I never thought I’d be able to write. Then, over time, I realized that to write you must feel. To live. To suffer. To love. Be disappointed. To be happy. To laugh. To cry. Be you. I chose this name precisely because life means all this. Lots of moments you get to talk about and say There were moments in my life when… but today I write and talk about happiness.

I will call this place “a part of me.” A diary open to anyone who wants . A place where you can find yourself or find answers to questions that bother you. After all, we humans are so similar, especially when it comes to feelings.

I have always considered that sometimes we need a soul dressing, even if it comes from people, we do not know… there are words that if said when they are needed are a real balm for the soul!

To those who supported me from the beginning, I thank them from the bottom of my heart. To those who found me ridiculous or embarrassing, I thank them too. But to those who believed in me, I especially thank them. They made me most ambitious!

I wish you a pleasant stay every time you stop in this place.

I wish you a bright smile and a good thought always put aside for dark days.

I want your dreams to become a beautiful reality.

I wish you a life full of beauty!

DON’T FORGET… .if you need a friend and no one is close to you, if you need a good word or a nice thought, this is your place!



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