I like to receive and give gifts regardless of the beautiful and specific moments in a year.

A gift is a way of showing someone that you thought about it.


It is a gift that translates feelings and can express friendship, gratitude, love, generosity.

A gift is accompanied by good and beautiful thoughts with and about whom we offer something.

For many years I have been personalized with my passion for painting and drawing. I have contributed to many surprises, to many beautiful memories that have brought joy, enthusiasm to those who have received gifts from their friends from my friends.

What does a personalized gift mean?

First of all, the verb “personalize” has the following definition in DEX: Present through what is personal, individual; to individualize. Starting from this, every time I receive a message, I think how I can make that idea to become a unique gift that offers joy, wonder and surprise.

I can only ask so… Let me paint your ideas! and the result will surely be surprising.

In the age of IKEA, McDonalds, Zara, Adidas and CO, it’s hard to figure out what a personalized thing means. Everything is done STANDARDIZED. There is always a recipe, a pattern, a production process, some materials and ready, standard things have been created for everyone. Individualization means costs. Costs that major manufacturers do not allow. If a person wants to be original, they need to use different tricks.

This can be used by a standard object, for example, a ZARA white T-shirt, a T-shirt that still has 100 million people, and can make it unique by adding an inscription / drawing / something that has a meaning, only for that person. Perhaps I do not want to be original, after the latest fashion, with ruffled jeans and blouse in the corners. In this case, a custom object, it’s fixed what I need.

A personalized object for me as a creator means “a story”.

The most beautiful stories are those that do not know the person who wants to offer or offer that gift. The story written only by that person and transposed by me in the desired object (custom or not) with only the description made by that person. And I really like people who choose to tell me their stories, the emotions they are tied to those who will receive the gift. A personalized object means first and foremost the love to offer a unique gift in which so many feelings are concentrated: respect, gratitude, appreciation, thanksit is to find out the story behind surprise and passions.

So a personalized gift to me as a creator means the story transposed into the object that produces emotions when offered, but many years after.

For example, if I like a band, instead of buying something that wears others (a shirt with band members or a logo) I can create something that will be unique and will reflect me as an individual. At the same time it will show the appreciation I have for the band. In short, a personalized object is something dear, unique, that if done properly, it will greatly enjoy someone.

Make visible what only the heart can feel.

Personalizing a T-shirt means transmitting someone’s emotion through a picture.

To entrust my excitement that I know you will play it with what I feel. If I could fluidise the emotion at the top of a brush …


2 thoughts to “What does a personalized gift mean?

  • Mac Mcclendon

    I love all of your work you really have a gift . I love how u can captivate people feelings and bring it to life.
    Thank you for being there

    • iulia

      Thank you so much!
      Don’t forget to smile 🙂


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