What does the woman mean?
● she changes her name.
● she changes he house.
● she leaves her family.
● she moves with you, no matter where.
● she builds a new family with you.
● she becomes pregnant, the pregnancy changes her body.
● she puts her dreams aside because she is about to become a mother… and maybe she’ll only come back to them if she’s lucky, sometime…
● she endures the terrible pains of motherhood.
● and since then…
Until the day she dies, everything she does: cooks, cleans your house, takes care of your parents, raises your children, earns, advises you, assures you that you can be relaxed, maintains all family relationships, everything she sometimes benefits from her own health, hobbies, or beauty.

So who really makes favors?

Dear men, always appreciate the women in your life, because it is not easy to be a woman.

Being a woman has no price. 🖤

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