In the darkness of the room, I look at the colorful lights of the webcam lying on Arya’s bed and which lights up arrogantly with every little noise.
I have not reached the heights of success in the business world, but in the eyes of others, my life is a symbol of success.

However, looking at my daughter Arya, but especially drawing the line on the last years of my life, I see many reasons for joy, which before, apart from the health problems and my work in which I had sunk, painting, not I too had many reasons to rejoice.
It is said that in the end, wealth is just a “slice of life”, with which you as a person have become accustomed, accustomed …

At this moment, losing another being dear to me, Nico, the film of my life perishes before my eyes. I realize that all the recognition, praise, friendship, which we have enjoyed in the past, have faded, become meaningless in the face of a sad end … cancer.

Two friends, two souls bound on earth, are now together in heaven. Eternal rest my dears.

In vain do you make money for three generations, when we should focus on other aspects of life that have nothing to do with the financial part. It must be something more important than that! Let it be relationships … let it be art, let it be an unfulfilled dream from youth … Running non-stop for money, turn a person, no matter how normal, into a strangeness … like us. Especially during this bad period with Coronavirus.

God left us the senses to receive love, the feelings of those around us, but not the false illusions brought by wealth.
All the money, all the props and all the investments can’t give you extra days or you can take them with you to the grave. All you can take are the memories bathed in the love given and received. These are the true riches that will follow you, always accompanying you. giving you the strength and light you need to move on.

Love doesn’t knows distance…
Life has no limits…
Go where you want to go.
Reach the peaks you want to reach.
Everything is based on 2 things: your heart and your hands. Both.
You can hire someone to drive the car for you, to make money for you…But you can’t pay someone to endure the disease and suffering for you.
Lost material things can still be recovered. But there is one thing that cannot be recovered once lost: life.
When a person arrives at a hospital, he will realize that there is a book he has not finished reading – “The Book of Healthy Living.”
Regardless of the stage of life we ​​are in now, with the passage of time, we will face the day when the curtain will fall on us.

Value love for your family, love your half, friends and lives the moment as if it were the last …


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