The dizziness I was had, to eat, I was keep eating and of my husband Stefan, i was scared him. Then sleep and great laziness to …the big sign.

I calculated quickly…Did not give me with commas..November 25 ..we are expecting for a birth.

For the moment…we don’t know what it is…the days pass quickly .

Passed 5 weeks…I read and found out, we gave the name, and we have the family presented 😊 and they were much enjoyed.

Daddy’s very, very happy and he looks so fulfilled.

He paints and keeps saying, what he feels.. On my skin… But this it’s not all 😊 you can see and drawings, you can see drawings, I one, I can’t get bored of them.

I didn’t stay long to think … my name I chose – Seed – it’s a small embryo, like a seed of an apple.

6 weeks… Seed has grown … 3 times he / she has like a lentil, the internet says … that it has reached a size.

(…) – The growth and development of Seed, are spectacular. I read how his eyes, ears and mouth start to develop. The rest of the body seems smaller than the head and here the buds of the hands and feet appear. At this moment, our little baby looks more like a tadpole but it is ours, we will become parents and this is what we enjoy the most. (…)

It took another week … 7 weeks passed, the cravings were still running and my sleep was over.

(…) – my seed develops, the face, the brain, the buds of the arms that rose last week, now it has the shape of wings … the thin skin as the paper and veins are well visible.

Baby is beginning to move, a sign that the nervous system and the muscular system are now in full development.

Off God what development .. how many new seeds in the Seed appear (s) … and how many there is only the size of a currant. Fingers appear..the eyes are visible, Stef laughs and still tells me … not to take my nose from me. 😊 I read that I can dream …to dream what sex the Seed will have … sex is established but cannot be seen for the moment. 😊

The days pass quickly, 8 weeks and 6 days have passed … at the ultrasound with me … I have always been waiting until Mrs. Dr showed up,I saw it 😊 … our little bean curd … when at once he greets and gives signs that he sees us  from his hands and feet he still gives … great need … I am here … I am here … for us … feelings of indescribable … then suddenly we crushed … heart I heard … but how impatient … I also gave the big news. Thank God but especially my husband. A child too small but very energetic.

(..) 21.88mm and heart beat with180 (..) of emotions, happy, of new programming we forgot.

9 weeks – my little bean bean grows his fingers … next time he will show us, the little mite has returned and again what surprised me is that now the baby can squeeze his hand in the form of a fist and can start to.. Hehehe … it’s super loud.

The daddy says loud … look the baby has grown ….. he measures with splendor my big waist, 87cm … Wife … to make me a boy … then we make 3 girls. What will it be? Will he regret it?

—- What does it mean to be a mother? I didn’t know or maybe I don’t know yet … I just started to have certain feelings … mixed feelings … I see that I have dizziness and I know why, and this makes me happy instead of scaring me, I know I’m hungry although sometimes I forget to eat hours in a row now I have to always eat because inside me someone needs food … water … God … .if I could only drink one glass a day how happy I would be … sorry that … it became a stress … Iulia drink water … Iulia drink milk … Iulia Iulia..wife and so on.. .. you have to feed my baby, you need to hydrate yourself … off .. some look but … I see how the tummy is proportional..I am proud … Maybe before I was scared when I saw that they are taking proportions … 1kg. … a few years, because I always had the same weight although I was more afraid after the thyroid was removed … God forbid I get fat .. (as my mother, hehehe 😊 I love you mom) but I know and feel now that not a few extra kgs matter at the moment but maybe never … now it matters to be a mother … and the days pass and I am extremely happy for all these feelings … I expect to the days pass … I look at the calendar and see how many days are left until I will keep my own child in my arms … maybe I’m crazy or … maybe this is what a mother really thinks.)

They passed rather quickly..10 weeks in a half..I painted it I do not give up and start painting the belly to those. If Daddy is Riggar, he wants baby to show him how he was planted in one night. 😊

My track record is growing … my mom is getting tired, 11 weeks passed and we stopped in class … we liked the new school, but now … even more. Now we sit and listen, what to drink, what to eat … off … when will we see him again?

The big day came, I saw him again and standing.

Permission I requested and filming I did .11 weeks and 3 days ????

The first quarter is over … my baby is growing …


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