The year 2017 passed like a split second. But for me, it was extremely intense. It was the year of absolute change. I lived every moment, I chose to look more at the good side of things, to understand more the people around me and not to judge them anymore. I tested the friendship and saw that it had a limit, that one of the two had to take a step back to the one behind. Friendship is always rediscovered, just like love. I met some new people, wonderful people I met exactly when I needed them.2018… I think no other year has been so emotionally charged for me. It was the year I learned to start my days thinking of someone other than myself.2019 was the year of colic, of my first “mother”, of the first teeth and the first steps in the world. It was the year I learned that happiness is the most convenient thing, if you know where to look and choose the right people to surround yourself with. It was the busiest year. Full of love, innocence, new.

Undoubtedly, maybe 2020 was a special year. Not necessarily in the good sense of the word, but certainly not in the worst possible way. It was something, something else. But a memorable one that I think we should take as a benchmark from now on and that we should take as an example, we discovered new things, we launched new projects, we lived new experiences.2021 I feel great looking back on these years. I feel wonderful thinking about how much I went through and still how much I achieved in the 5 years that have passed. I dare to hope that next year will be at least as successful as these.I WISH YOU THE YEAR 2022 TO BRING YOU HEALTH, TO ENJOY YOUR FULL LIFE!

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