The art of being creative

We have been taught that art is an inaccessible field, a field only for initiates, but the latest discoveries clearly show the importance of creativity in the inner process of each day, in developing our perceptual and observational abilities, in healing our mental and emotional bodies. . So it’s time to get out of the educational patterns and learn more about ourselves and the world around us through the artistic process.

Who am I?
I am the one who came to cheer up life, to paint it in bright colors, to model it with sunny thoughts, to dress it with holiday clothes, to create something unique, and to give that something to YOU… for anything creation beautifies and changes souls…

What do I offer?

A wide range of products and accessories that you can find in the two online stores on etsy ( or, on facebook or intagram @paint4happiness

Why me?

Because I do everything with great pleasure.

For more information do not hesitate to contact me!

An artisan always comes up with different new ideas, many and varied, but time does not always allow us to promote this piece of our heart long enough.
I hope with all my heart that there is a place in your heart for my creations and of course what I write will help you in one way or another…
Let’s get to know each other better and why not, recommend us to your friends, because we write, paint and have fun, managing to combine the useful with the pleasant.

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