Why do people leave? Or why do I stay? Sometimes they leave even where they feel good, other times they stay where there is nothing for them. Who can understand the soul or its choices? No one. Even you yourself often do not understand your reactions, actions, feelings, losses, so even less do you come to understand others.
Sometimes we make such bad choices, other times we are the victims of bad choices made by other people. What is right and what is wrong? Who else can catalog? We live in strange times, in which feelings degrade quickly, in which people easily give up on other people, in which people easily hurt other people’s souls, intentionally or unintentionally, in which man loses his essence in his struggle for success or in search of his own self. .
There are times when you lose what you think belongs to you and there are times when you keep a piece of yourself even when you think you have been deserted. Thus everything becomes relative and ephemeral, and insecurity takes over you.

I don’t know if when I say “Goodbye” both the people involved gain something or each loses a piece of their soul, as I wonder if you are really the creator of your own destiny or you are just a puppet influenced by society and the people with whom you choose to surround yourself.
In the end, what binds us, the people, to each other? Love, friendship, trust, hope, betrayal, disappointment, loneliness, fear, regret, ambition, desire, insecurity? All together? We are everything and we are nothing, and our lives are connected and detached from each other in a completely random way. Maybe it’s all random, and we’re just dolls of destiny, and we don’t really have a word to say, as we like to believe

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