Let’s face it – each of us remains delighted when we receive a card or a message. Whether it’s just a few short sentences in prose or big, serious or joke-filled poems, it’s important that they convey care and attention to those around you.

Before you find a Wonderful man, you have to kiss a lot of frogs! – Murphy laws

So, I have prepared a list of suitable, original messages that my husband and I have received over the years of his birthday or his wedding anniversary or now, being away from home (on vacation in Romania where I am only with our daughter Arya) and I hope that they will delight him and also will be a good inspiration for you in the realization of the most original and sincere gift for your half.

1.My husband, you’re the person who always motivates me to challenge and spurs me by selling in your eyes how optimism dominates. Today, this article and all these beautiful words are addressed to you and I wish you, my dear husband, to have a good mood throughout the period although we are not with you because your girls will return only.

 2. I wish you, my dear husband, to have a wonderful mood all year round. In the spring to have love and romance, in the summer – the hot flame of passion, in autumn – the intimacy of gold, and in winter – tenderness and happiness! And I also wish that even in spite of the years that will pass us by, our feelings will be unwavering!

3. You have come true to my childhood dreams, you have brought me into your world and you have given me what is called love! Today and forever! May our feelings last a year, and the path of your life be full of goodness and victories! Be happy, my dear man, my hero, my husband!

4.All woman have husbands like husbands, and I have a real man-superman! You’re my boss, my friend, my lover and my husband. We are an enviable couple and a devoted father. Happy birthday!

5.My husband! You’re trying to solve any problem with skills! I wish you success in all your beginnings. To be the best not in words, but in deeds. Take care of your mind, your dignity and your body.

6.My knight, I, your princess, will always be yours, because that’s what it says in the story of our lives! Now and forever!

7.  Always be cheerful, healthy, your income is on the rise, and your friends and relatives visit you more often. To bring you pure joy, and your deeds to be beyond praise. Faith to live in the soul, and happiness to accompany you everywhere. I know the fun is in full swing at our house and I wish you a nice time! I miss you!

8.  My husband! I, your faithful wife, wish you all the best in achieving your bold ideas. I promise to surround you with tenderness and make your days unique.

9. I want the fate that brought us together to protect you from evil, to guide you in business, to light your way and to protect you from pain. Don’t know what hard times mean. You’re the head of our family and I don’t need any more happiness.

10.Don’t be afraid, dear husband, of changing your life and the passing of the years. You’re in power to get over it all. You’re thoughtful and persevering. For children – be an example and show them how you make every effort to achieve success.

My love, you are my life, my soul, my inspiration and my will. When I sleep I dream of you and when I wake up I’m happiest that you’re with me. I wish you one thing: great, great happiness. You don’t need anything! Now I just want to kiss you.

I wanted to tell you and write more, my beloved husband, but I will end by saying only the main words: I love you, I love you, I love!


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