I started at a special moment of life … to look and to hope … out of curiosityI worked, or not, I played – Yes! , I played and went out with things, objects, decorations that took your eyes … so I started to have a great satisfaction seeing that the close ones appreciate my work.

So I decided to start by opening a business 📷 an online store that allows me to promote what I work …
https://www.facebook.com/Handmade4ubyiulia .. the whole thing in a game has become a obsessionI started to create more and more … I started to join several groups and so I started to appreciate the work of other artisans and lovers of handmade products.

One day in order to stimulate, stimulate and develop, I decided to make a business plan and then I opened a company, an online store and a work point.

All under the Handmade4u brand – The art of being creative!

A new chancea new beginning for me and my sister Nicoleta who supported me, pushed me together and we went through a lot to be able to develop our handsome and handsome little business. We’ve done it all together and we’ll be together no matter what the situation … even now desolate for thousands of miles, seas and countries.

I’m glad I made people happy at home and this is seen by the number of reviews on facebook and a reviewer. Just as I could wear them on the wings of the story, rewriting the moments of childhood that were lost in the early obscurity, so I want here beside the person I fell in love with and showed me that love does not has borders, to meet new people, in love with beauty, flowers, stars.

Starting from an idea, developing it and taking home the contour; as an artistalways cheerful, never sad … from Handmade4u which is the story I have lived, I have puzzled her, then it became reality by giving me the peace and the passage of any obstacle of life, here it was easy to get my life through Stefan and together with Paint4happiness,painting the life in the colors WE want, redesigning the gray daily newspaper in which we are moving, bringing a smile on the face of the unassuming passer, creating something unique , and that something to give YOU .. because any creation is embellishing and changing souls … We are ready to let you know how many times we will have the opportunity, something in the workshop where I will work, but also a few ideas that you will be able to gradually implement.

Thank you for being and you are our friends!

Iulia and Stefan


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