The woman, after becoming a mother, for a while forgets that she is still a … woman. She puts her beauty rituals on the background or not, and the mirror becomes for a time a silent enemy, which seems to defy her most of the time.

The body of the woman during pregnancy undergoes major and significant changes. Yes, it is wonderful what happens to him and it is even more wonderful what happens afterwards, but not all women are as lucky as to quickly return to the previous figure. Initially you are too tired and too busy to care, but there comes a time when you really see yourself. You look hard, naked, in the mirror, and you don’t like what you see anymore. You no longer feel so attractive, you no longer find your sensuality and you look at your emptiness as something unpleasant, you no longer feel … woman. You end up falling from one extreme to another until you accept and look at yourself again with confidence.

To be honest, it was quite difficult for me to approach this topic until now. It’s pretty personal for every single woman, I know that. I belong to the category of women who were lucky not to stay with many extra kilos, and the body does not seem to have given birth to another being. There are days when I look beautiful and feel good in my skin and days when I get dressed quickly without looking in the mirror. There are days when my confidence is high and days when I do not even have the time and desire to wash my head. There are days when I feel like a woman and days when I just feel … mother.

Once you become a mother the rituals and preparations before the change become somewhat of a luxury that you cannot always afford for no reason. Reasons not to apologize. Only mothers know what I’m talking about. Previously I allowed myself to judge in ignorance of the cause. Now I have learned not to rush to conclusions. Each woman is unique, each body is also unique. The silhouette can change, but the thing we have to do with our teeth is self-confidence. When you look fat and ugly and people will perceive you as well. When you feel beautiful, you are beautiful to those around you. Because you give that up. What is inside is visible on the outside.

My husband tells me daily that I am beautiful. And in his eyes I really see myself that way. Maybe this also contributes to self-esteem. When someone tells you that you are beautiful every day, you end up believing it and seeing yourself that way, even if the mirror sometimes tries to make you believe otherwise.

Yes, physical appearance matters, but it does not prevail. Not in the eyes of your child, not in the eyes of those who love you for what you are, not for your body. Being a mother does not necessarily mean forgetting to be a woman, but somehow, the two notions separate into your subconscious. One does not exclude the other, but the priorities and time allotted change.

I’m a mother, but I’m a woman. I’m a woman, but I’m a mother. Do you notice the difference? Yeah, that’s the truth. Sometimes you are more of a mother and less of a woman, sometimes the woman in you demands her rights and comes to the surface. Because no matter how much you love the wonder, the woman misses you. And you must learn to look at yourself again in this way, to learn to accept your new imperfections and to redefine your perfection, to trust yourself and not to neglect yourself, however much effort this might entail in some days.

You’re beautiful! You are wonderful! You are a woman and you are a mother, you are a mother, but you are also a woman. Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and learn to love your imperfection that gave life. 🙂

For you, super women, dear!


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