Life is not always how we want it, but we live it as best we can.

There is no perfect life, but there are perfect moments.

“I believe in love that was written before we were born and I know that you die from it without wanting to fight to live, without being able to. I think we write our fate with every thought. Because everything we live will leave our thoughts. I strongly believe that in life we ​​hit exactly what we are afraid of, and we don’t get up from there for a while, we think we are lost, we despair, we think we are living in pain that a planet could not endure. We feel in our own way, we feel as much as we can and events in our lives affect us as much as we have allowed them.Once we know what it means to die voluntarily, fighting for it, we begin to look at people in a different way. There are people who look skeptical and upset, people who claim it hurts. But I compare them to my pain. And I take my eyes off them, often. With a taste of disgusted bitterness and absolute pity. There are also people from whom I would break pieces, just to see at the lowest intensities what it means to break from you. They are the ones to blame for the broken pieces of me. And if they hadn’t been literally broken, maybe my resentment and deep compulsion would have been less. Maybe it’s a hate that would commit crimes, maybe it’s the most heartbreaking feeling. She would kill everything she loved most, take her own life and kill every day what was left of her. But he knows that’s not the ultimate punishment. No, the ultimate punishment is my life and my smile.

He taught me to fight so that I could live exactly what I thought taught me to breathe love and security, pleasure and caress. The one who owes me my whole life wrapped at least in silence. The one whose purpose would have remained only to heal me of my own problems from which I thought I was strong enough to get up and forget them. .. what’s next?”

Walt Disney says: If you can dream it, you can do it. πŸ˜‰

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