A new beginning…

At each end, according to the famous saying, there is a new beginning. And to get it over with, we need courage.

Another stage of our lives has closed its doors, leaving behind a part of us. After dozens of boxes, flowers, toys, hours spending them in boxes and then in U-haul, my child’s nets who didn’t know what was going on, wondering themselves. But where are you taking this one, Mommy? Daddy,not that! It’s mine…. noooo

A few tears then I think she understood, we were going to have a fresh start, the neighbors became our friends and then a part of us, our family in Fort Benning, but as they say, every pigeons takes flight, so we went to the unknown but with big dreams Dallas, Texas here we come.

Nothing in life is easy, and as a result we unloaded, unpacked and when we almost finished everything, the news, made us feel a few creeps on the spine. From one case, to tens and then to hundreds and even thousands, panic had already settling in. We where able to see/hear how people were starting to question each other, what would happen to us, our families, our friends, our relatives, our jobs and our homes, our bank payments…. There followed the deaths, the food madness… some questions people have asked themselves: “An invisible enemy is placed on our shoulders.”

Many are gone like us, we have families, relatives, friends in different countries of the world but still although each has made a path of his own in trouble everyone wanted to be at home. And in this case, many Romanian citizens return home after years and years of hopes for a better life.

You get a sinister feeling when you go to the hypermarket and the shelves are completely empty… then, and in the soul of the most indifferent man passes panic… Oh, my God, and here? Is it that bad? I told myself… Because up to that point, maybe because of the move, the adrenaline of a new beginning, the fact that before we lived in a safe place where safety was first, then everything turns to ash… there was fear even though I had hope.

A year ago, and on March 13, 2019 on a Romanian television station, Andreea Esca, the oldest and best presenter in the Protv trust said…“An announcement that gives us the creeps comes from the World Health Organization. Humanity will face a new pandemic of the flu. (…) Each country should implement a plan, take preventive measures, provide vaccines and medicines, equip hospitals with equipment and train medical personnel.” Influenza is also one of the biggest public health problems in the world, since there are 1 billion diseases every year globally, 3-5 million serious cases and up to 650,000 deaths. Thus, in 2019 a global influenza strategy was launched and each country should have implemented it, which was intended to limit the number of Victims in this case.

Knowing also that over the years, there have been 4 registered pandemics namely – in 1918 the Spanish flu , in 1957 the Asian flu, in 1968 the Hong Kong flu and in 2009 the swine flu.

Now I’m thinking, is there a possibility that someone might want to be like a biological weapon against a state by inserting a certain microbe? Maybe just speculation, but this is a dangerous one, but in a lab you can do absolutely anything, in a single day, researchers can manufacture a bacterium capable of even causing cancer in humans and even using it as a biological weapon. Pharmaceutical industry is a hypocritical industry that does not allow many health problems to be solved, an industry that wants to make profits and, as a result, why offer the beneficial medicine when it can make a profit and be conservative.
Speculation or truth? Truth 30% and untruth 70% of everything that is said on TV and written in the press because, according to the microbiologist Vania Atudorei, member of the Union of Medical Sciences Societies,
He asserts, through the arguments and statistics, that more flu than AIDS.
Sometimes we exaggerate, but YES, people with poor immune systems die, elderly people and complications
health care.

Are we exaggerating? Even in the case of swine flu, millions of dollars have been spent on the purchase of medicines and vaccines, and all this of our money, you have the population but then they expired and thrown in the trash – at the moment the world is stressed, they are afraid of what might follow, although no one knows… people think that wearing a mask, it can protect you against the virus, but how most countries have run out, they do not know that they have 0 capacity, because the viruses are so small that when a person exhales they can enter the human body without any problems. However, millions of masks were and will continue to be purchased, however, making a parenthesis, a person diagnosed with tuberculosis or flu, even if it is rage and still circulation in a restricted environment of people within 4-5 h everyone it’s being contaminated.
The placebo effect?
Human being, I think he cares no more about this world than in life, and when a person is or when he finds out that he has an incurable disease, he makes any sacrifice, spending any amount of money to save or prolong life, and the pharmaceutical industry knows this, using this psychological blackmail and exploring this to the full.

Who loses? Who wins?

Man because he’s mortal, Pharmaceutical Industry because many of us. We depend on it, the hypermarkets because we need food and… those at the top who know how to manage money. State Schools are closed. People stay home. Bars are closed and restaurants only offer services from package and delivery. Sports events, concerts and festivals have been cancelled.

Life without interaction can be tried, but public health experts insist that the commitment of each people at social distancing is the key to taming the new coronavirus – and ultimately saving lives.

It’s too late to prevent the coronavirus from spreading freely. But social distance can slow down giving him fewer opportunities to jump from person to person.

It’s really important to realize that we’re all part of this madness even if you don t want to be .

To be continuu…


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