What’s going on right now behind the fire curtain?

I sit and watch what happens in Mineapolis, Los Angeles… What you see scares you, you’re pros and cons… I am an immigrant in the United States, but I can say that I have a rather vast culture that over the 34 years I have lived, felt and seen.

What is actually happening during this period in the U.S. leads me to think about Romania, when violence broke out while tens of thousands of people were protesting against corruption.

The major difference is that in Romania these anti-democratic forces had the support of the current president, while in the USA, the energy of the masses is concentrated against the president, the democratically elected conservative president.

This coronavirus pandemic has undermined the population’s economies, striking decisively in the middle class that had been pouted in recent decades, with all the jobs Trump has done since the beginning of his term to the day.

Instead, the pandemic has enriched wealth: the fortunes of America’s wealth increased by $434 billion over the “quarantine” period, from mid-March to mid-May, according to a report cited by CNBC.

Of course nothing can happen without the involvement of certain secret services and so the first target was a return to the status of the former president’s period, to the “golden age” of political fairness reforms that totally infested the media, academia, politics and justice, and for that, President Trump must necessarily lose the next term.

There’s no explanation why in a state with a Democratic governor, in a city with a Democratic mayor, an African-American killed by the police led by a black officer dies, and to blame for it… even the current president, who is besieged in the White House.

After the Covid-19 pandemic – infinitely lower than the Hong Kong flu of 1968, which killed, by estimates, between 1 and 4 million people, compared to about 380,000 now – which turned the peoples of the Free World, on a Chinese model, into masses of house arrests through a terrible psychological war operation, has now moved on to the next step, that of violence, making it suddenly , the pandemic of Covid-19 to disappear as if by magic from the concern of the media.

The world looks back at the fire that burns the United States, following the protests that have spread and even if it resists this attack, it will become an unsafe territory, a world power in agony.

It is, in fact, what the shadowy artisans of this crisis want.

The only solution of the current president will remain that of force: the deworming of the State, especially the services, and the maintenance of a press free of corporate influence.

If he wins a new term, the current president will have to deconstruct the global networks of The Deep States all over the world, including Romania because there is no other option.

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