“Pregnancy is a process that invites you to abandon the unseen force that lies behind all that life means.” – Judy Ford

It’s definitely like a blind date when you get pregnant. It’s thrilling. You surrender to all your senses throughout the nine months of divine creation. Because that’s actually. A creation. How revealing this word can be, but also more when you feel what it means to develop #viata in your womb.

And you keep hearing that you’re flourishing, gorgeous, happy, fulfilled, woman, just because you’re pregnant. Does it make sense? Course. In all my experience as a woman, the task has refreshed my feminine energy, kept me present in my life.

All I did in this flourishing period was to surround myself with beautiful, beneficial activities to the soul, body and mind, which I would tell you, dear woman and future mother.

I believe in the power of faith, imagination, senses, and all that is about the laws of universal attraction. I’m telling you this, because it helped me protect myself from everything that means negative energy. And believe me that they say a lot about pregnancy and once you get influenced by the most innocent thought…. you lose yourself in thousands and thousands of thoughts that you transform into an undesired reality.

I’ll leave you some tips that helped me keep my balance. In fact, to be happy and free all this time.

I read it. The most read book was the “power” of Ronda Byrne. Other favorite books: “Silence Speaks” by Eckhart Tolle, “The Magic” by Ronda Byrne, “Love in All its forms” by Elena Irina Spilca, “The book about the woman” Osho. For me reading, I’m sure as for you, it’s a form of relaxation, a source of information, it helps me develop my imagination and keeps my memory active.

I meditated. Yes, meditation in different forms. Dance, walk in nature, observation of breathing and body. Or I was just sitting in silence.

I painted it. It came naturally. Leaving aside the fact that that’s what I was doing before the pregnancy, being painter. I felt differently and transferred to the canvas from double creative energy. Any form of creativity I’m sure is transmitting.

Active sex life. It’s very important! I really wouldn’t have agreed to deprive myself of it. It’s a little discussed. And seriously now, why would you suddenly stop this pleasure? And smiling I write these lines and ask you again: why? Why? It’s easier to inform yourself than to imagine hurting the baby. :))

I kept a balanced diet. To me it meant that every day, but every day to eat fruit, raw vegetables, seeds, dairy and from time to time animal or vegetable protein. No, I didn’t have any cravin. I ate chocolate and ice cream with the same devotion. No eating at night. Because I slept very well! And lemon water. Moisturizing, hydration, hydration.

And with love, gratitude, and beautiful thoughts about the whole period of pregnancy. You may have a gentle task. And be informed. For example, the application “What to expect” was useful to me. I knew the baby’s Evolution week after week.

Next time. And to those who read this article, have a thriving task!

I embrace you dearly!


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