Even in the current context, when the holidays have become so commercial, more about the infernal queues in supermarkets and the volume of the shopping cart, for me, Christmas has remained a magical holiday.
If in the past during this period I went to different fairs, at this moment I focus only on selling online and thus I spend more time with my family.
I started cleaning and arranging the ones specific to this wonderful holiday in advance and yet I gradually added something more. I love Christmas, I love its magic and I hope to pass this on to Arya as well.

Of course I can’t help but realize something else, this year for example I decided to combine simple globes with the favorite Disney figurines of the children Elsa, Anna and Olaf from Frozen; Otto, Kevin, Stuard, Bob and Young Gru, The Incredibles like Violet; Rocky, Marchall, Skye, Rubble and Zuma from Paw Patrol, Mickey and Minnie, Monsters, Cruella from 101 Dalmatians, yes, you chose the famous Barbie in different forms and of course because the result didn’t take long to appear and I was very happy, and so both my child and other children were able to enjoy the Magic of Christmas and I of course thank the parents from the bottom of my heart for every order placed on facebook or etsy

Although we are far from family, I look forward to New Year’s Eve to make the traditional cake and sarmales and then early in the morning to sit around the Christmas tree with Arya and Stefan, to look for our presents under the Christmas tree listening to carols, and enjoying each other. That actually means this whole holiday. The closeness. Bucuria. And of course the well-known video call with the family at the other end of the world, thousands and thousands of kilometers away.It’s time for stories. It’s childhood time and the smell of fir. It’s time to forgive and hope. It is a time of joy and unity, harmony and family.Christmas, Love, Childhood.HAVE ALL A DREAM CHRISTMAS!

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