Childhood is a gift of life that we waste before time, which we really want only after there is not even the packaging left… it’s a universe we lose too fast, painfully fast! And we’re looking at only a life of adults full of worries and existential problems!

I miss the kid i used to.
In fact, I miss that innocence and “unconsciousness.” The lack of problems since then.
I feel my soul hard sometimes. Hard and loaded with problems that aren’t just mine. Because trying to help others, I’m also burdening myself with a fraction of their problems. Trying to do everything right, trying to please everyone around you, you’ll only waste time and realize in the end that it wasn’t worth the effort.
Why do we become strong only by the things we miss? Why can’t we easily learn, through good things, to become strong?

No matter what we do, how we do it, for whom and why we do a certain thing, someone will always find a lack to bond with and so easily it will cut your momentum… And though it strengthens, any criticism hurts. Be it as small and seemingly insignificant. When my soul is hard, I write. I’m writing because it helps me a little bit to clarify my thoughts and set my priorities. It’s good for the soul to “write” with the help of his hands. Every man should try this just once.
Maybe, by writing, he’ll figure out a lot more.

My soul misses…


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