I got a year older, but I’m still not that old. I whisper to myself by looking in the mirror…
Today I’m turning 36 and I’m glad. 😊
If at 32 I went through an existential crisis and woke up in the morning literally crying, now at 36, I embrace this number with all my heart.

I don’t complain that I’ve aged, nor do I complain that it’s been another year of my life. on the contrary. I’m glad that I lived another year, that I added beautiful memories in the wedding of the years, that I waited for miracles and they didn’t delay to appear and God gave me exactly when he knew… all in their own time 😎

On a little too sad a note for this day, but still with a great deal of optimism in it, I tell you: enjoy every anniversary you touch, life is a gift, even if not constantly a beautiful one. There are so many people who leave too quickly between us, so many who would like to turn an extra year, that you complain that you’ve aged instead of enjoying living seems unfair to me.

Thank you to all those who have appeared in my life over the years, and especially to those who have chosen to stay!
I kiss you all and embrace you with love!

PS: Be as you say, be healthy, live many years, be happy, be loved, be as beautiful although now the beauty I give to my daughter 😋

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