What happens with time?
Where does it fly?
Why does it pass so quickly?

These are just some of the questions we ask every day, and to which we struggle to find answers. Only when we delve into each second and minute we’ve spent do we realize where the time went and how much we’ve accomplished during that period.

Let me tell you why I haven’t written in a while…

Before, I was a housewife, wife, mother, and of course, an artist… “always cheerful, never sad” – this was the slogan I adopted as a housewife.

When Arya turned 5 and started Pre-K, my job changed. Although I once aspired to join the Air Force, my wings were clipped because I didn’t have the “knowledge” to qualify for an officer position. I didn’t know the language well enough and hadn’t worked a single day in the US. So, I gave up that dream and switched to a job as a Fulfillment Associate at Amazon.

The days passed quickly, filled with school, work, home, and Arya’s activities.
So… That’s how time flew for me. 😊

This past year passed extraordinarily fast, and I lived it intensely with my beautiful family. The only regret?
I gave up painting… I don’t spend as much time sitting and painting, but I do when time allows me a moment of peace. Then I quickly run to a room and relax.

So much for now…
I hope to come back soon to share what the role of a Fulfillment Associate at Amazon entails, the benefits, and the present I’m working on intensively… the Google Data Analytics Certificate at Merit America.
The future sounds good, right?

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