In 2019 I discovered myself better, I truly discovered the feeling of happiness, family and soul beauty.

This year 2019, I have learned to say NO, I have learned to say I WISH, I have learned to say I LIKE IT, I DO NOT CARE or I DO NOT IMAGE.

Now I know what I want. Now I know how am I. Who does not resonate with me, keep the distance.😎

When I have something to say, I say directly as I have always been, as the person in question inspires me, each person is addressed different words, because we are all different. Some of us are too good and others think they are smarter than they are. I no longer look for sweet words that will not offend and that will not offend.

If I feel like saying “fuck off”, I say it without a hitch. And who feels hurt means that he has unresolved problems inside him.
So, at the end of 2019, I wish you to be healthy and happy every day of the coming year
. 🥰🙏
Love yourself!
Discover yourself!
Treat yourself !
Put yourself first and foremost. Do not leave yourself behind, because if you do not take care of yourself, then who?
Kisses !😘
I love you !

I hug you all. And those who have been with me, and this is not to be with someone every day, hour by hour, but when you look at the phone and you are away from home, that person tells you just that … What are you doing? Are you ok? It matters, it matters enormously … Thank you very much to those of you who have been with me at the most beautiful event of my life. Our wedding and baptism of Arya. I think it was the most beautiful day of my life, after holding my daughter in my arms for the first time. Unique, beautiful feelings … You cannot describe them in words until you experience them, as a person, on your skin, but also on those who have not helped me, lied to me or simply pretended to that you are with me to pursue your purpose. I still do not know who that is … anyway, so you did me a great job = I learned to handle SINGLE 💪💪💪

Of course, supported both physically and morally by my husband. I also thank him for what I am today … Wife, Mother and Artist.

New Year’s Eve wishes. Put them on paper and keep the paper in your pocket. But when you write the desire, you also write the earth time in which you want to be fulfilled. Gender = I wish to buy a house by the end of 2020. Always use the phrase I WISH because you activate the heart chakra. If you think “I want” it’s already a commandment and I don’t think you can afford to command the Universe 😉🙃


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