Do you really know those around you or yourself?
How many of us we are/we were in a toxic situation/relationship and we had to do things that consciously being hurt us and we still continued?

In a long-term communication with a person, the psychic attitude is contagious and everything comes from the fact that in our brain there are so-called reflective neurons, responsible for empathy, that allow us to put ourselves in the place of another person. Although this capacity is beneficial, it also has the negative side: even if we do not realize, the opinions of others influence us, and the greatest impact is even negative opinions than positive ones.

From this perspective I come to the name of energy vampirism. This really is a real phenomenon, it exists in everyday reality, not just in legends or in stories with princes and fairies. Energetic vampires live among us and by their way of being exhaust us energetically, sometimes with conscious intent, sometimes unconsciously, that is, without even wanting to know.

Some we see, they live in the form of HUMAN, being our friends, husbands, relatives, colleagues and sometimes they are around us following us INVISIBLE or visiting us at certain times, depending on the energy they need.

If the vampires in the legends stick their fangs in the victim’s throat and feed on blood, real-life energy vampires stick their energy claws into our auric field, or cling to chakras or energy channels and thus get their vital food.

Regardless of the method, the energetic vampire STIE as the fiction to give him energy must become VULNERABLE, thus creating situations or mental states such as nervousness, tension, sadness, anger etc. in which the victim cedes to him ENERGY PROTECT.

Thus the mental state of the victim becomes negative, the energy field becomes weak and vulnerable, and the vampire won.


It may seem silly, you laugh, but believe me that I find myself largely and after reading a few dozen articles on this topic I understand that this really happened in my life.

There were always created and mentioned open conflicts for any reason, often pruning on states of inner irritation, anger, soul dissatisfaction, we had always come to have discussions on negative topics – criticisms, gossip, tons of discontent and creating moods of guilt and ending up self-victimizing, crying, being physically and mentally exhausted, tired and discouraged.

Like that word, we laugh, today I am amused by what I have lived, otherwise I see the things that then seemed normal. Today I love the world I am in, the possibilities that life has given me and especially the achievements of the last years. I am aware that if I hadn’t broken the evil from the root and later come to the U.S. after my husband, I would have continued to this day in the same mess, the mud, sitting with the vampire in the house and sucking me to the max without having any future.

He was caught by the aura, he had weakened my protection and he was trapped like… an invisible but annoying spider web – it was the energy cord through which the vampire fed and manipulated me to his liking.

You may be amused at this moment and consider me insane, but the consequences of lack of protection have brought me chaos in destiny, blockage in fate and health problems… Pff… just not kidding, many people can confirm this.


These are negative, putting evil before; I do exactly what I know annoys a person; refuse simple, human logic; have a special sensitivity when it comes to their person – they do not bear even the slightest offenses or criticisms; have no creative imagination; they like violence in any form; are superficial – quickly judge situations and people on the basis of personal, subjective assessments and thus condemn without question and without understanding things in the prfunzime; they don’t like it in the church; are selfish and lacking empathy; stubborn – strongly supporting their opinions and wanting to impose them on others, not accepting the diversity of creation; often resort to blackmail or the creation of feelings of guilt wanting to impress the victim in this way; they indulge themselves in the victim’s moods, wanting to arouse attention and often compassion by provoking the feeling that they are helpless.

IN CONCLUSION the energetic vampires really live among us and I was really the victim of one of them, I had too good a soul, I was lacking in knowledge but also of willpower.


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