I’m writing to you here, because no one else will do it. You are the most wonderful being, with an accentuated sensitivity that has occupied its most suitable place. You are who you want to be, and you are guaranteed to be the bestperfect sister! (I don’t have another one, but I wouldn’t want one either!) I have so many reasons to be proud of you! Do you know how much I appreciated your madness and how strong you really are? You upset me when you are unfair to yourself and judge yourself too harshly, when you condemn yourself for too useless deeds, when you lose confidence and shut yourself in. You upset me when you don’t listen to me and try at all costs to create pain and get caught between the threshold between the past and the present (most of the time you are in the past). I know what you’re capable of! And I know how stubborn you are! How many times has the truth hit you in the face, my dear? Too many times, but you kept going; sometimes harder, which is true. I know you’ve been through a lot because I’ve been by your side. I know how much you suffered, how much you cried and how much you fought. And I know how much you enjoyed seeing me mother and the bride! You are a strong woman, a friend of millions, a beautiful and admired grandmother with a gun like you like to say, a woman prepared for anything, a pure and full of pain soul, a relief for me. You don’t know how full of life you are and how much energy you have, or how much love you emanate around you.

You listened to me and were close to me when no one else was. I can thank you in many ways, but words lose their meaning for what you have done for me.I want to believe that you understand that you are a wonderful man, a person that many would like to be. I want to believe that I never wrote in vain and that you understood that I always wanted the best for you, even if sometimes I was too harsh and harsh with you, but otherwise you would not wake up to reality. You are naive when you live in illusions that are too irrational for you. Aren’t you tired of destroying yourself? I’m sure you will, and I’m sure one day you’ll become what you want to be. The future is yours, don’t leave him alone. And you, my dear, are not alone! You never were! I could still write about you, but have you been listening to me all this time? You better not upset me and listen to me, because that’s the case. It would be the case after so much time, after so many words, after so many conversations and memories. I know you’re right about me many times, but you forget what you’re learning. Don’t be afraid to unload me, I’ll be here as I’ve been for so long. We’ve both lost a lot of people, but we’ll have each other! (always and forever, remember?). Don’t be afraid of mistakes or the past. Enjoy everything around you. You lost a lot of time !!! Defeat as you have done so many times! Take care, dear soul, you carry in yourself the guilt that does not belong to you, you carry hardships that press you and feelings that destroy you. Do not let yourself be overthrown by these people who have left, because you are above them and it does not fall like YOU, a wonderful man you are to have close those who pollute your soul with their misery. You understand me? I’m telling you that you’re unique just because it’s you and you’re the best sister a girl can have! I wanted to write a small part of you printer in me. I love you in so many ways many times! Me, Iula, your little sister!

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