After you find out you’re pregnant… In fact, when the others find out you’re pregnant, wait till you see how many things you’re NOT allowed to do:).

So funny it seems to me when some people say to you that: “Now that you’re pregnant I guess you’re not doing X, Y, W, etc!?

Really? Why not? I’m just not sick! Anyway the tips are free and we will always get them. So it’s OK to take what suits us.

Because the title refers to what is allowed and not allowed in the task I tell you about what I allowed myself to do without any concern.

It is said that during this period it is advisable not to dye your hair, not to put on the oja, not to go to the gym, not to paint, not to eat seafood, not to drink alcohol, not to smoke, not to drink coffee. Or not to be excessive about coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. That’s understandable.

This “no” for me meant “yes” at all, less smoking and coffee.

Why? If you did all these habits and before the pregnancy, why would you suddenly stop your pleasures?

Think about it a little. Your child is protected, is in his “studio” with closed doors and windows very well insulated. And then what would be the risk? None!!!

It’s all just in our minds that you can get some baby.

Continue to make your nails because it does not swallow the baby oja, continue to dye your hair because it does not get into the skin of the child, continue to exercise and crunches if you want to have a phenomenal abdomen after childbirth, plus the sport makes the birth natural.

Yesss, keep painting! The smell of paints even if it’s stronger doesn’t poison your baby. I continued to paint even with spruri much more toxic than paint and nothing happened.

Eat everything your stomach desires, here I refer to the seafood cooked preferably fresher:), less fast food, cheese with mold and raw food. Retains a food balance by mixing raw vegetables, dairy, fruit, chocolate, ice cream and carbohydrates. It can be.

And because there are so many things to celebrate every day, 1-2 glasses of wine, prosecco, a beer or you can lust for a strength, the latter is just a taste. The baby won’t get drunk. :))) And will not react violently to your bladder.

I liked drinking beer without alcohol. Even though I’m a red-haired, dry wine. Yes! It’s even recommended wine. I recommend it myself every time I get a chance.

On the final of the story I would like to conclude with a thank you to me. Because I was immune to this kind of thing, “don’t do it.” It really would have been sad and frustrating. And life is to enjoy it even pregnant. Especially then! This joy will feel your child up to the bone marrow. Because she’s going to have a happy, relaxed mother. And beautiful!

I embrace you dearly! Thanks to everyone who reads my articles. You woman, you will be the wonderful mommy! And you’re already mother, you’re an exceptional woman. Unique. Strong. Gentle. You’re the embodiment of feminine force.


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