Do you want to know something more about me?

I will immediately tell you a small part of who I am, what I believe and what I feel.

I think there are few people who really know me. I can’t say I’m a simple or easy-to-understand person. I am a contradictory and complicated person, at the same time greatly appreciating people who try to understand me and do not rush to judge me.

There are days when the comfort of my bed brings me the greatest satisfaction, but there are also days when I get moving at the end of the day, but when I draw the line, I am amazed by how much I managed to do.

There are times when I become selfish, when I think only of myself and I have to admit that sometimes, this saved me from a few extra sufferings at that moment, but it also disadvantaged me in time.

I’m terrified of being powerless. To look at a thing, a situation, a moment without being able to do anything to change it. It frightens me that reality often catches up with you and shows you how “small” you are… because yes, sometimes it’s not just about will. Sometimes, no matter how much you want it to be different, it is not possible for you to change that something.

I believe in two, I believe in friends, although even friendship has become a relative thing at the moment, I think you don’t have enough life to really know someone, I think that among the things we should live for more many times in life count childhood. Childhood… and I would love to talk more about it, but I get nostalgic when I do. I don’t want to get nostalgic now.

I love beautiful people. It inspires me and makes me believe that if they want, people can really be good. I didn’t meet many, but those I met gave me a little of their world, beautifying mine as well. I discovered that there are still people who simply give, without expecting anything in return.

I like life. I like to feel good, to do what I like, to have people around me with whom I can develop. I like to dance and dance whenever I feel like it. I like romance, but not taken to the extreme. I like kisses on the forehead and long hugs.

I don’t like arrogant people. People who think they are superior, even intellectually or spiritually, are not. I don’t like people who solve their problems in an aggressive way. I don’t like to be treated like an object. I hate being forced to do things or find out untrue things about myself. I can’t say that it doesn’t affect me to some extent, differently, depending on each person, what I see or hear. I can’t say that I’m used to the evil that can exist in people, and I don’t think I will.

I can’t say I’m a calm person who patiently goes through all the mess, but once I get on, it passes.

But I realized I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. That it is important for me to be reconciled to myself, to be aware of the shortcomings and to try to cover them, so that regardless of the situation, I can say with my heart that I am not ashamed of what I am or what I have done.

We have learned that parents are the greatest treasure God gives us. That no matter how wrong we are, what we are wrong with, in the hearts and eyes of our parents we will always be the first and only ones who matter and I will represent this in front of my children. I have learned that God puts people in your way to guide you through the key moments in your life. Many times, you later realize what was the purpose of that person who appeared in your life and why at that time. I learned that love makes you feel both the strongest and most vulnerable man on earth.

I learned that in order to be in harmony with others, you must have a beautiful relationship with yourself. To know how to forgive yourself, to accept yourself, to learn, to forget!

 That’s about me a little of everything!


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