Hello, I’m Iulia, born and raised in Bucharest – Romania, married to a soldier and mother of a little girl. Now I want to express my feelings, to write about myself, about my life like daughter, wife, mother and artist, my country, the places I’ve visited, traditional Romanian foods, babys step by step, hobbies and future. Any more details about me? I left my family and friends a lifetime to make my own life... I'll call this place "part of me." A diary open to whom is on the same page with me. A place where you can find yourself, so you can get some answers that are bothering you or what to do to be happy. I wish you had a bright smile and a good thought always put aside for the dark days. I wish youR dreams will become a beautiful reality I wish you a life full of beauty! DO NOT FORGET... If you need a friend and no one is closer to you, if you need a good word or a good thought, here's your place! Kisses, Iulia  
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I like the challenges and for that I realize different projects. I like the challenges and the joys of parenting. I like to travel, to know places and people. I like to cook, for some it is an art, for me it plays for others an obligation. I like to paint, to represent a possible reality in two-dimensional artistic images created with colors. I still like to stay mysterious and to challenge you to know me, to be like a book full of surprises that is not over. Follow me! Check it out!

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I love learning new things, and at the same time bragging about my own knowledge
Gift ideas depending on the occasion. Unique, original gifts that you can even make. Gifts that banish boredom and bring an extra color in everyday life, different, more funny and more special.
Beauty comes from pretty things, says an old saying, so I decided to be a conductor in organizing your event, combining passion with the joy of seeing the gratitude on your face. I create personalized concepts and themes for every event.
For the big ones and for the little ones, personal development workshops. Let us spend our free time playing smart and creative, enjoyable and useful. Let's communicate better, trust us, cultivate our curiosity and desire to discover the world.

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Meet the people that are going to take my life in one dream


A good father and husband, curious and very serious when it comes to work



    I like to dream and involve me in various things, any activity that I can help people and at the same time learn something. I like to talk, create, love and put passion in everything I do



    A piece of me, eager to assert, and always with the smile on her lips. I adore!